Meet our Tonkin family
Meet our Tonkin family

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Hue Nguyen
Co Founder & Owner
  • Tel:+84 913 305 520
  • Email:Hue@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:hue-tonkintravel

One of the Founders and Owners of Tonkin Travel, Hue is in charge in developing the French and Italian market.  She has been working in tourism since 1991 and acquired her Master in Tourism in Italy through scholarship of OMT (Organisation Mondiale du Tourisme) in 2000. She speaks Italian, French and English.

I like Ha Giang very much… very authentic, not touristic, beautiful  landscape and wonderful people.

Ly Pham
Co Founder & Owner
  • Tel:+84 906 279 393
  • Email:Ly@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:Ly-Tonkin

With 26 years of Travel and Tourism experience, Ly is the Vice Director, Co-founder and Co-owner of Tonkin Travel. She spends her free time with reading and writing.  She speaks fluent English, studied Translation and Interpreting in university and worked as an interpreter in the garment industry before turning to tourism in 1994.

Hoi An as it’s beautiful, it has good food and gentle, friendly locals as well as other tourists.

Martin Bullard
Marketing & Development Adviser
  • Tel:+84 904 188 156
  • Email:Martin@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:martin-tonkin

Martin has been with Tonkin Travel since the beginning – working with a second-hand computer in Mrs Hue’s kitchen to having an enthusiastic and dynamic group today. He’s well committed in maintaining Tonkin Travel’s high quality customer service and assists in marketing, product and new destination development.

I love traveling to the North West part of Vietnam for its friendly minority groups and mountain scenery.

Thu Pham
  • Tel:+84 904 868 683
  • Email:Thu@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:thu-tonkintravel

Thu has been working for Tonkin Travel since 2009. She loves travelling, reading, and listening to music.

Vietnam has many beautiful destinations but the best place for me is Halong Bay. I feel comfortable and laidback whenever I go there.


Phuong Nguyen
Vice Director
  • Tel:+84 912 532 532
  • Email:Phuong@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:hongphuong.1511

With experience in tourism since 2004, she understands the needs of clients and has in-depth knowledge of the destinations through her travels.

Hoi An is a nice and peaceful town with friendly locals, good food and rich history.  I enjoy the day relaxing by the beach!


Tuyen Ngo
Chief Accountant
  • Tel:+84 912 791 733
  • Email:Tuyen@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID: tuyentuyen80

Tuyen joined Tonkin in 2008 which led her to discover new destinations. She’s a proud supporter of environmental and socially responsible tourism.

I like Nha Trang for it’s white gold beach and Sapa for it’s scenic mountains and peaceful atmostphere.


Quan Nguyen
Travel consultant
  • Tel:+84 946 583 650
  • Email:Quan@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:quan-tonkintravel

After his studied in Italy, Quan joined the team in 2012. He is fluent in Italian, English and basic Chinese. He’s enthusiastic in discovering destinations as new products for the company.

I love mountains in the Northern Region of Vietnam and wandering off beaten treks.


Erika Stefani
Marketing & Travel consultant
  • Tel:whatsapp/viber +39 349 272 4166
  • Email:Erika@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:erika-tonkintravel

Erika joined Tonkin Travel in 2010 and provides tour planning for the European Market.  Fluent in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Hanoi is always in my heart. Hidden places, fun confusion, lively streets. Hanoi makes me feel alive!


Kim Oanh
  • Tel:+ 33 (0) 771017642
  • Email:kimoanh@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:kimoanh1407

Tonkin Travel has a representative in France, Oanh Pham (Mrs.). She is responsible for ticketing but also able to give you other information about your trip to Indochina.

A walk at twilight on Long Bien bridge (former Paul Doumer bridge) that spans the Red River, always gives me an inexplicable sensation: a mix of nostalgia, romance, a breakaway …; simply happiness!

Nga Duong
Travel consultant
  • Tel:+84 978 797 009
  • Email:Nga@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:duong.nga85

Nga has been in the Tourism industry since 2007 and joined Tonkin Travel in 2013.  She loves singing and traveling.


My favorite Vietnam destination is Hoi An.  The locals are very friendly and helpful. Hoi An is always a good place to discover and relax!

Huong Nguyen
Travel consultant
  • Tel:+84 904 113 044
  • Email:Huong@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:huongtonkin

Huong has been working in the Travel & Tourism industry since 2001. She joined Tonkin Travel in 2006. Her main hobby is shopping, like most girls…

I love Hoian, it’s a small rustic town with interesting people to meet, great food. A spot for walking, biking, and relaxing.

Dzung Pham
Travel consultant
  • Tel:+84 168 694 9459
  • Email:dzung@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:dzung-tonkintravel

Dzung works with the sales team, contacting people from over the world, on a daily basis, and help them with planning holidays to Southeast Asia.

Phu Quoc is my favorite – an escape from the hustle & bustle of life where I  can get lost in one of the most beautiful beaches.

Hang Pham
Travel consultant
  • Tel:+84 904014164
  • Email:hang-pham@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:hangpham-tonkintravel

Hang has been with Tonkin Travel since 2010 and feels motivated whenever she gets feedbacks from clients.  She loves meeting people from all over the world and also, helping them to fulfill their traveling dream.

I love to spend my holiday on Phu Quoc Island: just relaxing on the white-sand beach at a nice resort, having delicious food and reading my favorite books.

Dam Linh
Travel consultant
  • Tel: (+84) 24 3719 1180 Ext: 36
  • Email:Linh@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:Linh – Tonkintravel

Studied Tourism Management, Linh loves traveling a lot. She may have just started working in Tourism but her travel experiences and educational background is fast-tracking her growth in this career!

Vietnam has an amazing coastline and the beaches from the center to the south are all amazing. I still remember driving on the long highway road from Saigon to Mui Ne, and next to me is the blue ocean alongside the seamless white sands. That was the most unforgettable experience ever.

Thuc Anh Truong
Tour Operator
  • Tel:+84 936190063
  • Email:thucanh@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:thucanh-tonkintravel

Thuc Anh may be new from tourism but she’s well equipped with cultural knowledge.  She is ready to take you to beautiful places and introduce you to culinary experiences in Vietnam. 

I love to spend my holiday on Phu Quoc Island: just relaxing on the white-sand beach at a nice resort while having delicious food and reading my favorite books. BEST!

Nguyen Minh Hong
Tour Operator
  • Tel:+84 936 288 920
  • Email:Hong@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:hong-tonkin

Hong has been with Tonkin Travel since the beginning and is well known for organizing clients’ requests down to the smallest details.


Vietnam’s largest natural lake-I like the peaceful and scenic Ba Be.

Dinh The Quang
Travel Consultant
  • Tel:+84 36 232 0974
  • Email:quang@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:Quang-tonkintravel

I started working in tourism in 2009, I am really interested in my job.  I like to help guests to explore my country in the best way suitable by addressing their personal needs.


Mai Chau & Pu Luong. Pu Luong is a great destination for a few day trips from Hanoi. Trekking in the forest, long rice paddy fields, cycling through the reserve and visiting many beautiful small villages are among the activities travelers like. Pu Luong is among a few “off the beaten path” places near Hanoi that receives recommendations from explorers recently.

Huyen Quan
Tour Operator
  • Tel:+84 986 881 004
  • Email:Huyen@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:kimhuyen85

Huyen, a Travel Operator since 2009, provides the best service for clients to ensure they have the best possible trip with Tonkin Travel.


Discovering Halong is spectacular because of its – limestones, islets and caves.

Oanh Dang
Tour Operator
  • Tel:+84 988 399 407
  • Email:oanh@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:Oanh-Tonkintravel

Oanh started for working in Travel and Tourism with position of hotel receptionist, and became a tour operator from 2010 then on. She loves organizing all services to make each trip successful and memorable to clients.

I love Ninh Binh province where there is  Tam Coc referred to as ‘Halong Bay on land’, Hoa Lu -the capital of Vietnam for 41 years under the Dinh and Le dynasties. Especially Ninh Binh is my second countryside.

Tran Thu Huong
  • Tel:+84 915 25 2246
  • Email:huongkt@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:huongkt-tonkintravel

Huong joined Tonkin Travel with a proud background of over 10 years of accounting experience in the travel and tourism.  She loves listening to music, traveling and reading books.

I like everywhere in Vietnam because all are beautiful and rich in cultural identity, especially Hanoi, where I was born and grown up.


Huong Bui
Staff Welfare Officer
  • Tel:+84 976 730 991
  • Email:B.huong@tonkintravel.com
  • Skype ID:maihuong_tonkin

The designated chef, Huong, has been with Tonkin Travel since 2009 and . She ensures overall welfare, including cooking delicious lunch, of the dynamic employees of Tonkin Travel.

I love Hoi an!  Locals are so lovely and warm.

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