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Founded by two energetic Hanoi women with vast experience in Vietnam tourism, our company has been taking our clients on exciting adventures and relaxing holidays since 2001.  Even as Tonkin Travel has quickly grown through word of mouth the original commitment to personal service and understanding has not diminished – and that is the way it will stay.  Tonkin Travel is a family company and as such we like to support and be involved with the community wherever we can.

Tonkin (Dông Kinh in Vietnamese), also spelled Tongkin or Tongking, is the northernmost part of Vietnam, south of China’s Yunnan and Guangxi Provinces, east of northern Laos, and west of the Gulf of Tonkin. Locally, it is known as Bac Bo, meaning “Northern Region” (Vietnamese version of Tonkin Travel is Du Lich Bac Bo). Located on the fertile delta of the Red River, Tonkin is rich in rice production.

The term derives from Dông Kinh , a former name of Hanoi, which was the capital of Vietnam since the 7th century. (The name means “eastern capital”, and is identical in meaning and written form in Chinese characters to that of Tokyo.) ~ from Wikipedia

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