• Itinerary

08:00-09:00: Take a bike along the Perfume River to Mrs Tham’s (or Mrs Thanh) house, who is a famous cook and has experience in restaurants of major hotels in Hue. She will take you to the local market named “Mai market” and show you how to to select the fresh food and other ingrediences for a Hue cuisine.

09:00-10:00: Continue to Thanh Tien village and the home of Mr. Hieu, one of the famous artisit of the village. Now, you can learn to make lotus flowers in paper.

10:00-11:00: Passing through on trails, you can see flowers, rice fields, farm animals and inhabitant farmers at work. You will visit the house of Mr Phuoc, a craftman who keeps and maintains the manufacture of folk painting. He will passionately illustrate the techniques and materials to create a painting. You also learn about the history of the Sinh Village, home of over 400 years of Hue folk paintings. Practicing stamping on the traditional paper later brings you an unforgettable journey.

11:00-12:00: Return to the home of Mrs Tham (or Mrs Thanh) with your souvernirs made at these two villages.

12:00-14:30: It is time to prepare to cook two typical Hue dishes are Nem Hue and pancake. Then, enjoy the food you have just cooked and some others made by local family.

14:30-15:00: Back to the hotel