• Itinerary

07.30      Your jeep and guide will meet you at your hotel. We start our jeep tour through the countryside,  stopping at the busy fish market on the outskirts of town for some great photo opportunities. Your drive continues the 50kms to My Son, passing breathtaking scenery, rural villages, and a bustling town and markets.  We stop at an ancient Banyan Tree in Nam Phuoc and enjoy a Vietnamese coffee.

09.00      We continue our jeep tour to My Son and arrive to the haunting sound of Cham music, where we stop to take in the vibrantly dressed dancers enjoying a traditional dance performance. Your walking tour to the Cham ruins begins with a short ascent along a track bordered by jungle. As we reach the top, the ancient ruins appear.  While you explore the area your guide will explain the history of the religious site which served as a burial site for the Cham monarchs many centuries ago.

11.00      Once we have explored My Son, we take the drive back to Hoi An by jeep to start our boat trip.

12.00      Before boarding our  boat,  we visit the  Thanh  Ha pottery village. The village is famous for its earthenware and thrived in the 16th and 17th centuries. It continues to make bricks and tiles and other earthenwares for the buildings in the Old Town. After our tour we continue to Thanh Ha Pier, you board your private boat and take a cruise through the Hoi An countryside along the picturesque  Thu Bon river.

12.30      Relax and enjoy a Vietnamese cooking demonstration on board the boat.

14.00      We stop and enjoy the sights and sounds of Tra Nhieu fishing village, the Duy Hai fishing market, and the stunning coconut forest of Bay Mau.

Optional activity: Consider a range of optional activities as part of your tour.  Kayaks and bicycles are stored on board.  You can enjoy a kayak trip or paddle in a bamboo basket boat on the river or a bicycle trip to Dong Binh Village to enjoy a closer look at the daily lives of the villagers.

15.00      Return to either Nguyen Hoang or Thuan Tinh dock and after a short stroll to your vehicle, we return to your hotel.