• Itinerary

07:30 Departure from Ho Chi Minh City to the HCM Agricultural Villages

08:30 Visit HCM Agricultural Villages
 – Visit cow areas
– Visit buffalo areas
– Visit rice fields
– Visit fish, prawn, chicken, duck areas
– Visit big herb, spice, vegetable and mushroom areas

Challenges in the garden: Become a real Vietnamese farmer in a Vietnamese traditional hat and pick up a lot of herbs, spices, vegetables and mushrooms in the garden.

10:00 Cooking challenges:
– Hands on cooking class with three dishes and 1 dessert and enjoy what you have done
– Enjoy great healthy cooking tips
– Recieve congratulations with a nice certificate as well as recipes and souvenirs
Recieve emails and updates for nice healthy recipes monthly

13:30 Transfer back to HCM city for city tour. Visit to China town (Cho Lon), an interesting place to see classical Chinese architecture reminiscent of years gone by with plenty of Chinese restaurants and temples.

15:00 Visit the War Remnants museum. The War Remnants Museum has a wealth of images from the wars, the most moving being a gallery entitled ‘Requiem’ which is dedicated to Vietnamese and foreign journalists and photographers who perished during the French and American conflicts.

16:30 Visit the Notre Dame cathedral and the Central post office. Notre Dame cathedral was built between 1877 and 1883, and the stones used to create it were exported entirely from France. Next to the cathedral stands the Central post office, finished in 1891. It is another fine example of French architecture and is Vietnam’s largest post office.

Back to your hotel at around 17:30.


Website: http://hochiminhcookingclass.com/

COOKING CLASS MENU: You get to cook 4 dishes: 1 entrée + 1 salad + 1 maincourse or noodle + 1 dessert.  Menu information available upon request.