Specific Request

If you have a specific interest be it art, history, cooking or whatever we will do our utmost to design your tour to include (or be totally about) whatever you like. We have arranged for all types of people to do all sorts of interesting things and meet interesting people.

We have taken war veterans to old battle sites, pilgrims to pagodas, students to visit schools and forestry experts to the forest. Organised visits to artists’ private studios and visits to charity organisations to give donations. Whatever red tape or permission is required, whatever introductions are sought, we will take care of everything so that you can enjoy a rich and fulfilling experience.

Bridge, photography, traditional music, war history, ancient history, architecture, textiles, motorcycling, cycling, trekking, shopping, ceramics, kayaking.  Vespa/Jeep tour, spiritual tour, modern or traditional shows, arts,fashion, cooking class, street food, homestay, home host dinner, special event (honeymoon, anniversary, birthday…), incentif, seminar.

Let us know.

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