Chris and Liz

I would have no problems recommending your company to anyone.

Hi Nga,

Firstly, thanks for a memorable and enjoyable holiday. I would have no problems recommending your company to anyone. All the guides and drivers were great. We'd love to come back some day for another visit some day to further explore the mountain country their villages and the North West. We especially loved the scenery and cultural aspects of the holiday, (in particular around Pu Luong), however it was the people and the food that made it so amazing. Being involved in agriculture myself gave me an added appreciation for the hard working Vietnamese farmers and their engineering skills (eg water wheels made of bamboo).  

Pre- our visit I didn't know mush about the War in Vietnam, as it is not spoken about much in Australia. War is horrible at the best of time but I feel I now have a greater appreciation as to why it happened, and the holiday showed my son the consequences of war.

Secondly, I was wondering if you could help me with the following? 

On our drive to Pu Luong we stopped at a small town for a magnificent lunch, followed by a walk through the village and to a market. At the market I came across a shop that sold authentic old hand-held sickles made of bamboo that were used to harvest rice. At the time I though I couldn't get them back to Australia so I didn't get one. Now I know it wouldn't have been a problem. Therefore I was wandering how much two sickles would cost me to buy and have posted back to me in Australia?

In addition, we purchased a small piece of pottery (photo attached) and but later realised the piece comes in a larger version. I would also be interested in knowing how much a large one (approx. 30-40 cm base width) cost to be purchased and to post.

Anyway, thanks again and hopefully we can cross paths in the near future.

Chris and Liz

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