Martin Nedergaard Andersen
5 April 2023

Dear Phuong,

thanks so much for you help with our recent trip to your beautiful country :-)

The homestay with Madame Binh in Hanoi was the best of the all. Having dinner with the family and being able to talk to them was super nice. The other homestays were more commercial in the sense that they were more like small hotels. They were all very friendly but it wasn't as intimate as with madame Binh. So I learned (for future trips) to be more specific about what I mean by homestay (no complaints - lesson learned).

Almost everything went smoothly. A couple of times I had to get in touch with you when something wasn't completely clear, but you were always fast in responding, so all good :-) The sidetrip to My Son was actually in our program (last page) but our guide didn't know about it so that's why I had to check with you.

We weren't properly prepared for the cave tour with Oxalis. We didn't know that we had to swim in all our clothes and boots (it took 8 days for my boots to dry out again). I'm ready for just about anything but my daughter wasn't and she needs to know in advance exactly what to expect so she had to skip that part. If I had know about this, I would have borrowed some boots at Oxalis or have worn some other shoes.

In general all the guides were very good. Our guide in Sapa (Dudu) didn't speak a lot of English and didn't tell us very much much we enjoyed the hikes there.

So all in all we enjoyed the tour and I would definitely recommend you to other people visiting. I already sent our program to a couple from the Netherlands who are going this summer (I'm not sure if they booked with you - I haven't checked with them).

all the best :-)

Martin Nedergaard Andersen