Nick Midgley
24 December 2022

We arrived home safely, with no disruption to our return journey, luckily. We wanted to let you know that we had a WONDERFUL holiday, and we really appreciated all the arrangements you made – and especially the flexibility at the start of our holiday, when our arrival was delayed. 

My main feedback was that we had a great time – the itinerary that you suggested was great – with lots of experiences, but also some moments where we could take things a bit more slowly. The hotels were all good, the guides were brilliant and the country itself is amazing. We learned so much, and very much hope we can come back soon and explore some other parts of Vietnam.

If it is helpful, the only restaurant where the food was not especially good was the lunch in Hue on day 6. I don’t remember the name of the place, but the food was not especially good, whereas everywhere else the food & the choice of places to eat was excellent. 

All the guides were great. Sam (in Hue) gave us a real insight into the country, but we learned a lot from all of the guides, who helped us to appreciate the history and culture of Vietnam. My wife said her favourite experience was the Vespa tour in Ho Chi Minh city (which she’d been very nervous about in advance!). I really enjoyed the cruise in Halong Bay and wished there had been time to explore more of the caves. We also appreciated that the itinerary included things like taking us to the orphanage as part of the journey down the Mekong, and the Reaching Out Arts and Crafts café in Hoi An. We loved visiting various homes, e.g. in Hoi An when we had a lovely lunch in the fishing village on day 8 (although the fishing trip on the boat was somewhat spoilt by the incredibly loud party music that was playing on the river for the large groups of Korean tourists!). 

Did I say that the food was fantastic? We also loved the cooking class with Van in Hoi An, especially going round the market together to select the ingredients. 

I hope this feedback is helpful. I don’t use a lot of social media, but if there is somewhere you’d like me to post a review which would be useful for your company, please do let me know. Hope we’ll be able to visit again one day – if we do, I’ll be in touch once more!